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Beach Wheelchairs Portobello

Beach Wheelchairs Portobello (registered charity – SC046190) provide a free hire of two beach wheelchairs from the storage container which is adjacent to the promenade in Portobello beside the Tumbles car park.

There are currently two wheelchairs available on the site to suit a range of needs. There is also a manual hoist available for you to use, the hoist takes a loop type sling. For more information please call directly on 0300 666 0990.

When you call to book, they will chat through the options available to ensure that, where possible, the wheelchair that you choose meets your needs.

Nomad Tundra

Nomad Tundra

This is a light weight adult beach wheelchair which has seating similar to a standard wheelchair and suitable for those with good balance when seated. The footplates can be flipped to the side to aid a standing transfer.

Manufacturer’s website

Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair

Hippocampe wheelchair

Large Hippocampe wheelchair suitable for children and small adults. The Hippocampe is low to the ground, so perfect for getting close to the sand and sea. However, the fixed front wheel may make it more difficult for some people. Our chair has an arm rest, leg rest, lap strap, chest harness and head rest. We also have a vacuum seating system to provide a high level of stability and comfort.

Manufacturer’s website:



Please call Portobello project on 0300 666 0990 to book for free.


Portobello is three miles to the east of Edinburgh city centre. Portobello is a popular beach for locals and visitors alike, and especially with families in the summer. It is easy to get to the beach from the city centre using a local bus such as the No 26 from Princes Street.

The collection point for the beach wheelchairs is a storage container beside the Tumbles car park, Westbank Street EH15 1DR. Please note that parking can be very difficult in the summer months. There are disabled bays within the Tumbles car park and the nearby Bridge Street car park. You should allow plenty of time for car parking.


How to contact us

Please email us at Please note that you cannot book a wheelchair using this email address.

How to book

Please call Portobello project on 0300 666 0990 to book.